Renew and Bless All Seven Directions

Wholeness and peace are contagious

Photo by Kate Trifo on Unsplash

The Liar-in-Chief made falsehood fashionable,
Destroyed families of helpless brown people,
Tore away the Earth’s protection
And now we have corona virus.

What thing is there for us to do
Each of us, joining in, to turn it all around?

Carry an inspirational book with you
Even on your phone. How many
Times must you stand on line,
Observing 6 feet apart,
Waiting —
In the bank,
At the turnstile,
In the market,
For the bus,
For the train:
All those times you can read
From that book on your phone.

As you read, your heart fills
With the wisdom in the words.
Your heart filled so full,
As you scroll down and
Down again to read more,
From head to toe you feel
Overflowing with peace.

And the people behind and in front
Breathe a little deeper
Not knowing why, and the woman
In front says to her friend
As they leave, “I don’t know why
But, just for a minute,
I felt I’d been to church.”

So, if wisdom and peace
are contagious, let’s have
All the world connect
Deeply with them at 8 PM,
Everyone at 8 PM.
It is always 8 PM somewhere.
Envision health, peace, abundance
Flowing out from your heart to those closest,
Then neighbors, then the town and beyond
The caring making palpable
Our one community, one Life

And, when it’s not yet 8 PM,
And we are still ”Social distancing,”
When It occurs to you,
Send blessings in front of you,
Behind you, above and
Below you, and right
And left sides, and
To your own heart.

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Aikya Param is a licensed minister, a visual artist, and writer.

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