Sign of Change Once in 10,000 Years

What will the passage of comet NEOWISE do?

Comet NEOWISE tracker: Comet to be visible to the naked eye — astronomers (Image: GETTY)

In the night sky now we can see the passage of a comet named NEOWISE. It is an acronym for Near-Earth Object Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer. Over centuries the passage of a comet meant terrible things could be expected.

Woody Sullivan, professor of astronomy says,

Comets have a long history, usually as omens and bearers of bad news, But on the other hand, the death of Julius Caesar was marked by a comet and this was taken by the Romans as a sign of his divinity. And Napoleon made a fuss about the appearances of comets and some of his early military victories.

Pope Callixtus III excommunicated Halley’s Comet in 1456 as an “instrument of the devil.” That must mean that the Pope thought that, previous to his action, the comet was Roman Catholic.

But now, the country is struggling with corona virus, currently surging. More than 66,000 new coronavirus cases were confirmed in the U.S. on Friday, July 10. It is the highest daily number since the pandemic began. Unemployment is at a historic high. So, in this context, couldn’t passage of a comet bring good news?

Number 45 finally listens

After months of ignoring coronavirus, the warnings of his advisors, refusing to present a national strategy to counter it and save thousands of lives, and, of course, refusing to wear a mask, he broke with his own stubbornness. He wore a (truly presidential) mask. It was navy blue with the Presidential seal on the left side. It is sure to be a valuable commemorative souvenir of his presidency.

Preident Donald Trump wears a mask for the first time

The occasion of this break with trumpdition was a visit to Walter Reid Military Medical Center to visit wounded soldiers.

Can we break our tradition of stubbornness?

We can’t compare what happpened last time NEOWISE flew past 10,000 years ago. We don’t know if it meant that somebody who died was divine. Nobody was there to notice, analyze, and write it up.

And it’s apparently not the first time №45 wore a mask. He wore one in a visit to the Ford Motor Company but refused to wear it during the public part of the tour. Nobody should see him wearing a mask.

This is big: №45 choosing to lead by giving the right example. It prompts me to wonder what I’ve been stubborn about that I could change. (Yes, I am stubborn, very stubborn.)

The choices include buying a real bed. Currently, I have a futon with a decades old mattress. This requires reorganizng the room where I sleep.

You know how office supply stores never sell you just one or two things you need but must sell a dozen? So I have a metal bookshelf full of what I didn’t need. In the middle of the room where I sleep are all the things that could go on the bookshelf if I released what’s there now. Changing this is a campaign. If I engaged in it, I could call the room a bedroom once again.

Catalyst: foot surgery

So next week my healthcare provider scheduled minor foot surgery for me. Getting out of that futon will be painful. Maybe it’s time.

I prefer not to think that Comet NEOWISE portends a new disaster. We have an oversupply of those right now. Instead, let it be an opportunity to do something good that has been delayed, a remover of a self-imposed obstacle.

Too close to the sun
Some lump of stuff flies
The heat of our solar orb
Ignites it, lights it ablaze.

How far does it go,
The everywhere consciousness?
Does a comet know it’s a comet,
Know enough to stay a comet,
And not transform into a white
Bird, at night flying, or
An angel with something important to say.

Donadagohvi (“until we meet again” in Cherokee) For the next meet-up, click here.

Aikya Param had a mother who loved to share good stories and a father who made art and loved science. They had two only children, thirteen years between them. She earned a master’s in Women’s Spirituality from New College of California (San Francisco) in 2002 and a Certificate in Spiritual Leadership from Holmes Institute of Consciousness Studies, Golden, Colorado.

Aikya Param is a licensed minister, a visual artist, and writer.

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