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Stories on Swing Wide the Gate

Swing Wide the Gate joins the calendar. Sunday, May 10, 2020. is Mother’s Day. Everybody has a mother, even those who never knew her. Many of us are mothers. It’s a special day. Swing Wide has Mother’s Day stories.

For example, check out Debbie Walker’s article entitled “Why Does Oklahome have the Highest Incarceration for Women in the World?” Debbie tell us that most of these women in prison are mothers. Having visited a California prison for women, I can tell you that the greatest pain for women in prison is separation from their children.

Check out the new story about Amma called “The Power of Presence.” It does relate to another article “A Mantra from Amma,” as well as being a Mother’s Day piece.

If you have a story about Mother’s Day that Swing Wide can include submit it. if you are already a writer, or message Aikya Param via DM on Facebook or so I can add you as a writer and you can submit it.

Aikya Param is a licensed minister, a visual artist, and writer.

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