Centrality of Trees

Beauty, food, inspiration and clean air

Free photo on Pikist.com by Saolw.

One tree delight for me in the West
Are palm trees growing along the way.
I’d never seen them except in a greenhouse.
Date palms grow sprays of flower euphoria,
Yellow bursts before the dates.

Photo on Meir Park by Jonathan Coombes on Pixnio.com

And the other wonder are redwoods,
Communities in tree form. Redwoods
Form a grove: ancestors’ blessing-filled
Circle like a prayer made of trees
Enclosing the grace of nature for our discovery.

Aikya Param’s mother, a registered Democrat, shared good stories and her father, a registered Republican, made art and loved science. Nature is a favorite fascination for Aikya. She earned a master’s in Women’s Spirituality from New College of California (San Francisco) in 2002 and a Certificate in Spiritual Leadership from Holmes Institute of Consciousness Studies, Golden, Colorado. For more from Aikya, click here.

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