Bless Your Life in Eight Ways

Choose one way today, another tomorrow…

Aikya Param
4 min readApr 4, 2020


Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

Here are ways to bless your life — delight in them.

1. I meet all the people in my life with love.

Imagine all people you deal with often and imagine yourself feeling love for that person. Start with those you love. Then move to those in the neutral category and then think of those who challenge you. End with yourself.

2. I am supported and animated by the earth.

As you are walking, feel how this is true for your feet. Be aware of your heel touching the ground, and then the rest of your foot rolling forward, up to and including your toes, as you take each step.

As you continue to walk, experience the truth of this

-for your calves and lower legs. -for your thighs -for your hips -for your lower back -for your chest (take a few deeper breaths) -for your shoulders (pull them up and back, breathing more deeply) -for your neck and head.

As you end your walk, mentally thank the earth for its support for providing beauty and food for you and all living beings.

3. In what quality would you like to grow?

Think of someone you know who seems to have that quality. How does the person with that quality reveal it to you? Imagine yourself feeling more of that quality in yourself. How would your day be different? How would it change your life? Imagine that quality as a color. See and feel it in your heart and then filling your body. Imagine it radiating from you outside your body. That quality is yours. Every time you see that color, you will remember that you have that strength. Use it to do good.

4. Bless everything and everyone.

Every time you step through a door today, bless the place you are entering and all those within it. Make it a general blessing or choose something specific.

May this be a place and these people examples

— of finding satisfaction. — of peace of mind. — of compassion and kindness. — of discernment and wisdom. — of healing and wholeness. — of inspiration and good cheer.

5. See beauty everywhere.



Aikya Param

Rev. Aikya Param is a minister at Oakland Center for Spiritual Living in Oakland, California, a published author and visual artist.