Aikya Param is a licensed minister, a visual artist, and writer.

A sacred symbol of direction, guardianship, and prophecy.

Bighorn Medicine Wheel, sacred Native American site, 75 feet in diameter, in Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming, is a National historic monument. Photograph from U.S. Forest Service Photo / Public domain

The medicine wheel is a well-known symbol.

European Americans, not native people, gave the medicine wheel its name. Each native nation has their own name for this symbol. The image is sacred and so is their name for it, so they keep that name secret.

Each indigenous group represents the…

Please come and bring the light you are and chase away the dark

Shining People, drawing in pen and ink and colored pencil by Aikya Param, 12–2–21

Hanukkah began the 28th,
Celebrating faith and vision,
Committed to light the temple lamp
And see its brightness had no end,
In faith they lit the one day’s oil
And marveled as it burned for eight.
Enjoy the latkes, play the dreidel,
And cherish the source of Light within.


Low maintenance colorful plants for your home

Photograph of Thanksgiving Cactus taken by Aikya Param

All these years I’ve admired Christmas cactus plants with their dark leaves and bright red flowers. Right now I have one with big rosy buds on it. But wait? Is it a Christmas cactus? Apparently not!

There are three similar popular houseplants: Christmas cactus, Thanksgiving cactus, and Easter cactus. The…

Hindu Festival Celebrated Around the World

Stick Dance from Published: 2016/10/10 14:41:37

Today or tomorrow, depending on which calendar you use, the most important nine-night festival of the Goddess takes place in Hinduism around the world. In each season, people celebrate Navarati. MahaNavaratri, starting October 7 this year, happens at the beginning of winter, rainy season, in India.

Thus people wear colorful…

A match for the greatest challenge

Thomas House, also known as Edgewood, is the oldest surviving residence in Montgomery, Alabama. On the National Register of Historic Places

Lower middle-class parents from Jersey
Father in the Army Air Corps
Stationed in Montgomery — -
That’s Alabama, not New Jersey —
And mother, pregnant with me,
Still up north, not liking it,
Not liking being so far away,
Decided to join him.

Patriotic Harriet Thomas
Mistress then of Thomas House,

Written in a workshop by Emmanuel Williams, riddle writer and poet

Photo by Jachan DeVol on Unsplash

Redwood, teach me to stand straight.
Teach me to grow another
To support me when I lean
And envision, from root and cones
A community, a grove, of several more.

I don’t remember my first fascination,
Lover of beautiful wood that I am:
Columns establishing foggy majesty,
Above a red brown needle floor,

Aikya Param

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