Aikya Param is a licensed minister, a visual artist, and writer.

Things to Keep in Mind

Selfie of and by Aikya Param following Nov. 5 cataract operation on the right eye. Note dilated pupil

I asked many people about their experience following cataract surgery. My eye surgeon said I’d be driving a week after surgery. People I knew who had the procedure said they recovered quickly and delighted in better vision and improved ability to see color. In contrast, I had a very frustrating…

The day we almost lost democracy

Photograph of the U.S. Capitol Building taken by Carol M. Highsmith, photographer, from the Carol M. Highsmith Archive aat the Library of Congress.

I went to college there
Where the President and Congress works
And Martin Luther King told about his dream
And we marched for Civil Rights.
It is a sacred place

January 6 was not chaos
Those people meant
To break windows,
Meant to carry off the flag and lecturn. …

January 5 — birds in the Bible and all around us

Photograph by Alcedo Atthis on Pixabey

Never mind that it’s also National Whipped Cream Day and National Screenwriters Day. In 1894, Charles Almanzo Babcock, Superintendent of Schools in Oil City, Pennsylvania announced the first holiday to celebrate birds as National Bird Day in the United States. So today is a day to learn about birds.

How to learn about birds near you


Journaling in pen and ink, watercolor, colored pencils, collage or more

Journaling with drawings. Pages and photograph by Aikya Param (01/02/2022)

The Front Page

A blank page is an opportunity. The first page of your journal can tell your name and contact information in case you lose the book. It could include a statement of your intention or theme, or your agreement with yourself about how you’ll use the book.

What to Use

Keep it simple and…

Please come and bring the light you are and chase away the dark

Shining People, drawing in pen and ink and colored pencil by Aikya Param, 12–2–21

Hanukkah began the 28th,
Celebrating faith and vision,
Committed to light the temple lamp
And see its brightness had no end,
In faith they lit the one day’s oil
And marveled as it burned for eight.
Enjoy the latkes, play the dreidel,
And cherish the source of Light within.


Low maintenance colorful plants for your home

Photograph of Thanksgiving Cactus taken by Aikya Param

All these years I’ve admired Christmas cactus plants with their dark leaves and bright red flowers. Right now I have one with big rosy buds on it. But wait? Is it a Christmas cactus? Apparently not!

There are three similar popular houseplants: Christmas cactus, Thanksgiving cactus, and Easter cactus. The…

Aikya Param

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